W/Africa Crude: Angolan Clears Slowly



Some April-loading Angolan crude cleared on Monday while some fresh tenders were issued and were expected to mop up some Nigerian BP sold a cargo of Kissanje to Unipec. BP was previously offering the cargo at dated Brent plus $1.30 a barrel. The deal price did not immediately emerge but it was below $1 a barrel.

Total lowered its offers on its Angolan Nemba and Gindungo cargoes last week due to slowing demand after brisk trade last month. The cargoes were still unsold on Monday.

About 10 Angolan cargoes remained from the April programme. Chevron sold a cargo of Congolese N’Kossa to the United States, a trader said. Less than 10 Nigerian cargoes remained from the March loading programme, and around 30 April-loading cargoes.

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