Moves by President Trump to Ban Huawei political

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Founder of Huawei has described moves by the United States of America’s President Donald Trump to ban Chinese companies in Europe as being politically and economically motivated.

In a statement, Zhengfei maintained that his firm does not spy for China. While he accused the US of making such moves in levelling criminal charges against Chines companies in Europe.

Parts of the statement reads: “Mr. Trump has repeatedly undercut his own Justice Department, which unveiled sweeping criminal indictments against Huawei and its chief financial officer with accusations of fraud, sanctions evasion and obstruction of justice.

“Mr. Trump has suggested that the charges could be dropped as part of a trade deal with China. The president previously eased penalties on another Chinese telecom firm accused of violating American sanctions, ZTE, after a personal appeal by President Xi Jinping of China.

“Those moves have only deepened concerns that the administration’s fight against Huawei is not really about national security and instead reflects its political and economic ambitions.”

“European and Asian officials have complained privately that recent American intelligence briefings for allies did not share any sort of classified information that clearly demonstrated how the Chinese government used Huawei to steal information, according to people familiar with the discussions.

“European officials have told counterparts that if the United States has evidence the Chinese government has used its companies to do so, they should disclose it.”

A senior European telecommunications executive said that no American officials had presented “actual facts” about China’s abuse of Huawei networks”.

The founder further maintained that unlike the United States, European wireless networks are much more dependent on Huawei, so banning its equipment would be far more consequential as leading carriers, like Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, uses the company’s equipment, and a widespread ban would result in costly changes that executives have warned may delay the début of 5G in the region.

According to the statement, spokesman for the National Security Council, Garrett Marquis, said the United States will continued to work with like-minded partners to mitigate risk in the deployment of other communications infrastructure. Saying: “I’m not sure a ban is the solution,as we have to be very careful making a step like that.”

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