Actor and Lecturer, Sola Fosudo, blasts sex, violence scenes in movies

Veteran Nollywood actor, Sola Fosudo, has condemned the frequency of violence and sex scenes in Nollywood movies.

Speaking at a workshop for members of staff of the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) southwest zone during the weekend, Fosudo, also a university don who has attained the level of professor, decried the level of sex scenes and lack of regulation regarding that.

“The violence scenes in our films today have become more gruesome and sex scenes have become increasingly detailed.

“Use of vulgar language on screen has also increased over the years along with disregard for moral values, family values and religious tolerance.

“We rarely get to watch movies that are purely serene and meaningful and lacking violence and obscenity,” Prof Soludo said.

Known to have featured in movies like Glamour Girls, True Confession and Rituals which were had elements of what he was speaking about, Fosudo added: “Today’s generation would consider such movies of those days to be ‘Lame’ or ‘boring’ because they are so used to seeing and hearing the violent and the obscene.”

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