IIM Africa to assist regulatory bodies develop framework on info governance


Premier information management institute in Africa, the Institute of Information Management (IIM) has indicated its readiness to assist regulatory agencies to identify information gaps, information management needs, and develop the required framework for effective data/information governance.

The Institute is also poised to assist the regulatory bodies on setting the parameters for data/information management and usage, creating processes for resolving data/information issues and enabling regulatory bodies and other stakeholders make decisions based on high-quality data and well-managed information assets.

These, according to the President/Chairman, Governing Council, IIM Africa, Dr. Oyedokun A. Oyewole, are in a bid to promoting data/information management standards and governance across sectors in Nigeria, as they plan to host the 2019 IIM Africa Information Management & Literacy Week, with activities lined up at different locations in Lagos.

The Information Management & Literacy week, he said, is aimed at promoting Information Management Literacy across cultures, peoples, educational institutions, organisations, policies, professions, initiatives, and nations.

“These include intergovernmental organisations, education institutions, technological intermediaries, development organisations, associations, NGOs, research groups, educators, media professionals, library, archive and information professionals, policymakers, regulators, and practitioners in the country,” Oyewole said.

He added that this year’s theme, “A reformed and renewed society through information literacy,” recognises all the ways that information supports organisations and institutions in effective governance, providing intelligence and analytics of functions, and processes for effective operations, profitability, mitigation of risks, effective and judicious use of resources, knowledge preservation, and ultimately effective decision-making.

“The Information Management and Literacy Week is expected to provide several opportunities in: Finding out about the wide range of services that information management offers, and recognising the vital role which information management services play for research and education;

“Recognising the contribution of information management professionals and organisations for the work outcomes in corporations, government departments, health care and other institutions.”

“Deliberating on the role of regulatory bodies/agencies and determination of their individual information needs, future and their approach to effective execution of their statutory responsibilities to stakeholders in their various sectors;

“Emphasizing the significance of information management in the maintenance of our history and culture at community and national levels;

“Recognising the importance of information services as providers of services for people who may otherwise be disadvantaged by their lack of access to information and services, and

“Considering the role which Information Management play in our local community, work, and personal life.”

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