Jonathan leads mission to monitor South Africa’s general election

Former Presiden, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, arrived South Africa, on Wednesday, where he will lead an observer mission to monitor the country’s general election scheduled for May 8.

In a series of tweets, Jonathan said he would be heading the election observer mission of the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA).

The former president said democracy in the continent of Africa “has indeed turned the corner” as many countries are now holding peaceful elections.

He said this has put power in the people to choose their leaders.

“I arrived Johannesburg early this morning to lead the Election Observation Mission of the @EISAfrica to South Africa’s national and provincial elections,” the former president tweeted.

“Democracy has indeed turned the corner in Africa with many nations holding periodic and peaceful elections which put in the hands of the people the power to choose their leaders.”

This is not the first time that Jonathan who is described as a democratic icon in the continent will monitor an election in Africa.

In 2017, he co-led a mission of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) to monitor Liberia’s presidential polls.

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