Controversial OAP Daddy Freeze Discloses Church Weddings Have No Blessing

Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze said there are no blessings in church marriage contrary to people’s beliefs.

In a screenshot that was shared the on-air personality a lady comment that couples receive blessings from God through church wedding.

“Traditional marriage, you receive parent’s blessing, churxh marriage, you receive God’s blessing if you like toy can make a reception then court…letting the society aware of your wedding…. It’s best you do the three and save the receptions for only trad… I don’t see any slavery to that,” She wrote.

Responding, Daddy Freeze said: “Stop being delusional! neither Christ nor the disciples never authorised the church to hold weddings. Church weddings have zero blessings. They are based on man-made traditions, not on God’s instructions.”

The OAP said, “Church weddings have no blessings, there is no scripture to back church weddings it’s the ideas of men rooted deeply once again in paganism.”

He further said “Black people doing white wedding. Our chains are indeed worn with pride.”

Just recently, the OAP kicked against payment of dowry, saying it is not biblical, while also describing it as slavery.

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