1.8m Advised To Evacuate As Typhoon Hagibis Ravages Japan

According to The Japan Times , the typhoon is now packing gusts of up to 216km/h as of 10am Japan time (9am Singapore time), and has been forecast to bring winds of the same speed into the Tokyo area, when it fully makes landfall in the evening.

Additionally, over 1,000mm of rain is expected to be dumped in the Tokai region, while storm surges of up to 13m are also expected, NHK further highlighted.

The amount of rainfall is expected to match that of Typhoon Ida in 1958, which left 1,200 people either missing or dead.

In the meantime, videos of the storm’s fury have already begun circulating on Twitter, showing vehicles being flipped over, roofs being stripped from buildings and severe flooding from both rivers and the sea.


Tornado In Chiba

Meanwhile, a tornado was reported to have touched down in Chiba prefecture, destroying a house and injuring four people, including two children, both Japan Today and Japan Times reported.

A man also reportedly died near the area where the tornado had hit, at 9:30am Japan time (8:30am Singapore time), when his vehicle was flipped over.


Power Outages Hit Over 7,000 Homes, Evacuation Ordered

Additionally, power outages have hit over 7,000 homes in the Greater Tokyo area, while evacuations for four prefectures — Shizuoka, Tokyo, Gunma, and Wakayama — have been ordered, NHK reported .

The evacuation order applies to more than 8,000 residents, while separately, an evacuation advisory has been issued to another 1.8 million people.

According to the Japanese authorities, an evacuation order means the likelihood of disaster is considered as imminent, and that people are therefore urged to immediately move to safety.


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