An address presented by Otunba T.J Abass on the occasion of the First Annual Women Conference of the Epe Professional Women Association (EPWA)

Thursday, November 28,2019

I consider as a special privilege the opportunity, not only to be present at his epochal event today, but also to address it.
I say a special privilege, for more reasons than one.

In the first place, what is happening here today is novel in our history – the first such gathering of our women in the careers and professions under the auspices of a conference, not forgetting the fact that women are the incontestable builders and custodians of the home front, without whom the society itself is in jeopardy. As such any collaboration with the womenfolk is inevitably a collaboration with the future.

Much more, is that you considered me worthy to be the one, in the sea of other equally qualified sons and daughters of the division, to address the meeting. It is an honour I most heartily cherish.

Ahead of time, I want to congratulate each and everyone present, for your commitment towards the course of this association, and urge you never to relent.

By your enlistment and commitment thus far, you have already opened another chapter of landmarks in the history of Epe, contributions for which you as an individual, would be remembered long years to come.

Distinguished members of this association, I want to say that you are not strangers to this kingdom, not the least strangers to the country and all its economic challenges. You have made commitments to its development in the past, is a variety of ways. Even now, you would need to make more.

Families and individuals today contend with enormous challenges that require decisive address.

A lot of youths are fighting the battles of their lives, in the sense that they do not have a sense of direction.

Many do not have any one to mentor them.  I say this with every sense of responsibility, that the reality of our society today calls for all hands to be on deck.

Thank God for where Epe is, but there is still more that the kingdom could need. And we as the professional women’s body could be the trigger that would bring this about.
What about the unity Epe Division?

Can you imagine what will be the far reaching consequences of speaking with one voice in Epe division?

I have no doubt in my mind that the right kind of people is already available here.

I therefore challenge you to close ranks remain committed to your identified course, so that you will achieve your goals at the end of the day.

As an individual I pledge my continued support in whatever capacity that I can towards the unity and progress of the association.

I believe in the course of your association; I believe that you will make great impact at this time once you learn to pool your energies and other resources without any friction or rancor.

As different individuals, you certainly would not see things the same way, but let the greater good be your driver in the time you would be in this great association.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to address you. Thank you very much and remain committed.

Otunba T.J Abass.

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