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The Collapse Of Saraki Empire Prt 2 By Ono Bobi



The Crusader For A New Kwara By Ono Bobi

…… Ile-Arugbo: Stop The Brick-Bats

The year 2020 is a leap year, a prophetic year, therefore, the current brick-bats emanating from the demolition of Ile-Arugbo (old people’s home) should not unnecessarily pitch the Sarakis against lthe current administration in Kwara State.

The brick-bats must stop, moreso, when a lawyer warned yesterday that further continuation of their insipid behaviour could amount to inciting Kwarans against the government. This could amount to a treasonsble offence in the ambits of law.

The Saraki family as represented by former Senate president, Dr. Bukola Saraki and Gbemi Saraki, Minister of State for Transportation, although have gotten a restraining order from an Ilorin High Court, yet must timely realise that those who stay in glass houses must not throw stones.

Emphatically, their holier-than thou attitude in pushing their ‘war’ against Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, is gradually annoying a section of Kwarans who know the dept of their heinious past activities, to wanting to open their can of worms.*

In thinking aloud about the aftermath of Ile-Arugbo yesterday with a friend, I remembered what one hopeless dreamer who served Bukola for eight years as governor told me recently. I had stumbled on this rotund man in his early 50s at the GRA, close to Flower Garden this Tuesday afternoon. Here was what he told me on the issue:

“In my belief, everyone experiences battles he can’t win at some point or another in his life. So why should Bukola and Gbemi fight AbdulRazaq when they know they can’t win? I am not saying both of them should not stand up for what they believe in, BUT there’s definitely no harm in accepting what they cannot change and just keep quiet with their pride until the determination of the substantive suit”.

Sometime, vultures flap their wings heavily to chase away other equally competing large birds in the bush. That to me, is what the two privileged Sarakis have been doing over the demolition of the Ile-Arugbo property even after the Sen. Makanjuola Ajadi committe has released their verdict which should be a final nail on the Ile-Arugbo issue in the state. Who owns this state? The Sarakis or Kwarans? So why all the huge force and the loud cry over a state that even their late father did not contribute to its creation process some 47 years ago.

I have a message for Bukky and Gbemi: You both know in your hearts that you have done everything that you can to fight Governor AbdulRazaq who prophetically is unstoppable and untouchable and will surely do two terms like Bukola, therefore I advise that your next step should be to accept that you have done your part about Ile-Arugbo. So don’t beat yourselves down about it or get stuck mentally obsessing strategies and tactics on how to defeat the government; just accept that there WILL be battles you can’t win, learn from them, then release yourselves and move on in peace.

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I once lived with a late uncle at Adamasingba in Ibadan, Oyo State during the Action Group crisis of the wild West. He was a retired army major who was very connected to the powers that be in old Oyo politics. I happened to be a precocious young man in secondary school. During one of his usual discussions on the crisis with me, I had posed the question: Uncle, is it courageous to fight a battle you know you will lose?

His answer: No. I have all through been a combatant in the army yet I’ll tell you that not once did we fight a battle we were going to lose. If you know you are going to lose it, you don’t fight it. Military men are not stupid and the Nigerian Army does not do “die in place orders”. BUT and it’s a big but, we would have fought battles that we only had a one in ten chance of winning. In fact, a one in a 100 would have been good enough odds. And even in an overwhelming victory, you are going to have casualties. I know that first hand.

How I wish Bukky and Gbemi can learn alot from my uncle’s military wisdom in battles, be they even verbal.

Let me again prophesy: There are too many political vultures swarming around Bukola Saraki like bees waiting to devour him. This is not a time to begin fresh battles. Don’t forget that the same people goading you on to fight Governor AbdulRazaq were the same voters who willingly voted out your PDP and governorship candidate in March last year. They were also the same voters who sweep you out of Kwara politics with the APC big broom.

Perhaps I should end my thinking aloud with Bukky and Gbemi by quoting what an anonymous writer once told late Dr. Chuba Okadigbo, former Senate President: It is better to be the tail of something than to be the head of nothing.

I do not want to be written off from victory profile, so I will not stop telling you both: IT IS WRITTEN – STOP THE BRICK-BATS.

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