Pipe Explodes With Boiling Water, Kills Five In Russian Hotel

Five people – including a child – have died after a pipe exploded and flooded a hotel in Russia with boiling water.

A five-year-old girl and her mother were reportedly among the victims following the incident at the Mini Hotel Caramel in Perm, more than 700 miles east of Moscow.

All of the victims were staying at the nine-room hotel, which is located in the basement of a residential building in the city near Russia’s Ural Mountains.

As well as those killed, six people were injured, including at least three who were taken to hospital suffering from burns.

Andrei Babikov, a doctor treating the victims, said a 33-year-old woman had burns covering 35% of her body, while two men aged 28 and 35 were in a less serious condition.

The rooms did not have windows and there was only one exit for trapped people to escape through, according to reports.

A witness was quoted as saying the water was boiling and it “went up to the front door of the hotel”.

Credit: sky news

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