Customer Crys For Help, Reveals How UBA Allegedly Defrauded Her Husband

Customer Crys For Help, Reveals How UBA Allegedly Defrauded Her Husband

Customer of the United Bank of Africa (UBA) cries out for help after funds were moved without her authorization.

According to her, a sum of N50,000 was deducted from her husband’s account without his consent

She complained that she and her husband noticed the sum of N50,000 was deducted while trying to make some emergency payment at the hospital.

She said;

“I am going to tell you my experience and let the world judge because I need my money back. Even though it is just N50,000 they took from me. It could be another customer tomorrow and it could be 1 million, 2 milloon, 10million.”

“I will describe everything that happened so that the bank officials can judge and the whole online community can judge.”

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“It is sad that this account was opened on the 5th of June and they could pull this stunt. It is a virgin account. The account is for my husband. I sent funds occasionally to it.”

About The Missing Money

“I have been ill, bleeding for weeks. Because of COVID-19 issue, I didn’t want to visit any hospital. On the 8th week of the bleeding, I was rushed to the hospital. This was on Wednesday, 24th of June.

After booking a ride with an ehailing taxi company, we noticed that the money was not there. My husband and I took the card to pay for some medical tests and it was confirmed: there was no money in the account.

There was about 52,000 naira plus in that very account. ALL processes were halted. My husband called the online UBA customer service care immediately at the hospital.

The Customer care asked if he did a transaction worth N50,000, a day before, on the 23rd of June. He told the agent that he did not initiate any transaction and he did not get any debit. He saw that the money was missing in the account when he wanted to pay for a medical bill.

So the Care agent advised that my husband freeze the account and report to the Branch where he opened the account.”

What Happened After Complaining To The Bank

“Despite the call placed to the Online customer care the moment we noticed the disappeared money, my husband left for the branch where he opened the account. My husband ordered the agent to freeze the account. This was still on the 24th of June.

Why did I not get a debit of N50,000 When this particular transaction occurred? Why will funds move for a transaction I did not initiate? His questions at the bank!

When he got to the MMA1 branch, he asked for details of that transaction, the bank said they could not trace the transaction. The only thing they could see is that Flutterwave placed a LIEN ON THE ACCOUNT that 50,000 be debited on the 3rd of July. The lien will expire on the 3rd of July that is when a debit will occur on the bank account. The Bank said they cannot do anything but wait for that 3rd of July.

My husband did not wait he kept on disturbing them going everyday to the bank.
So my husband told them to contact the gateway company: Flutter wave.

According to the bank officials in that branch, they sent an email to Flutter wave.
It took them 5 days to reply the bank. The details they provided were

Name: anonymous
Email : ———
Airtel phone number

That was all..we do not have any Airtel NUMBER at home. So my husband said he did not initiate any transaction. The bank said that they cannot do anything but wait for 3rd of July.

The customer care called flutterwave on phone and did not disclose their conversation to him.
But: They claimed they can only reach Flutterwave on phone

Sensing foul play he asked for a printout of the email and took it home.
I picked up the printout and gosh I found it.
The Airtel number was a new Airtel line which was dated 9th of June The same day the card was issued.

So I took myself down to the bank. Asked to see their manager. I didn’t go there to complain. I outrightly accused them of fraud, aiding criminals to defraud their customers. I bank with 7 other banks and I have been using them for years. What is it about this bank? I told them I gave them 3 hours to dig out the money wherever they kept it because I can sense that the person running this fraud is in that very bank looking at me.

The bank manager was speechless . I told him my state. I need the money to pay my tests. I am bleeding badly and I need to carry out medical procedures. If anything happens to me, my family will sue the bank.

He said who am I? That he doesn’t know me. I told him I will sue him because My lawyers are ready for them.

He said he doesn’t have a case with me he only knows my husband and they have been settling it alright.

I told him that I know they have a mole working right there with them that they should not make me fish them out.
He said what proof do I have? I told him that I have several. I told him I will give him just one to show I have strong evidence against them
The day this card was issued, a new phone number was registers for the transaction.

The manager could not say anything he went away. Other staff started coming to me to check the documents with us.

I was on call with my litigator. He said I should demand for an official report of the transaction so that we can write their headquarters.

The manager said he was not giving me any official report. That he doesn’t know me. He left angrily. So I changed it for them. Following my litigators instructions, I changed it for them.

They don’t know me right. I did what the litigator asked me to do.

I asked for a sheet of paper. Oya Mr UBA customer, use your hand to write to MMA 1 branch, request for an application of an official report for an unauthorized debit.

I asked them to acknowledge the letter written with hand by stamping it. I told them we will meet in court on Monday since you don’t want to issue official report.
After the customer care stamped the letter, the manager came asking if we have we have printed the statement of account which we requested for.” she said

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