Opinion: Femi Otedola, His Girls And Their Ferraris

It is a prevalent mentality, in Africa especially, that we direct our anger at the wrong things and blame certain classes of people for the cause of personal misfortunes. Xenophobia is a classic example. Some of the indigenous people of South Africa blamed other African nationals of taking their jobs and wages and making them poor when in reality, most of the wealth in their country are owned and controlled by the white minority living in their midst.

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Some people are angry at the billionaire Femi Otedola for buying his children Ferraris, saying he ought to have used the money to feed the poor and I wonder how people would feel so entitled to tell another person how to spend his hard earned money and on what.

The amount of rage and ill-will generated by his financial act towards his children is so amazing that I often wonder if those people know that everyone, wealthy or not have a right as to how they disburse of their money within the legal boundary of the nation.

Wealthy people do not have a legal mandate to build the social system for people in their nations, that obligation is on the government of the land to make sure that citizens are well taken care of. Astonishingly, the amount of entitlement mentality we have in our society is both hilarious and appalling and a lot of people see no lopsidedness as to why their reasoning is wrong.

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That type of reasoning indicates that some people do not see themselves attaining wealth and success which shows in the enormous amount of envy of the wealthy. If a man decides to give his own children financial gifts and people are insulting that he should have given those amount to the poor, doesn’t that suggest that the collective view of people towards the class of people considered financially privileged is wrong?

It is a common reasoning around here to always blame those who have attained a certain height of success for the poverty in the nation and see them as thieves? How many times have you blamed religious leaders for the poor state of the people of the country? How many times have you looked at a successful woman and assumed she slept her way up the chain of command? How many times have you looked at your neighbor who changes his car every year as a yahoo boy? How many times have you seen a middle aged woman drive a flashy car past and anger suddenly well up inside and you convince yourself that the individual is into money voodoo?

When you envy over other people’s wealth, you are blinded to your own potentials and skills: an angry person is actually an internally blind person.

No one or family have an exclusive right to wealth or success, if Femi Otedola is giving his children gifts, go work for yours, starting from now so that you too can do whatever you like with your money.

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Instead of insulting and envying, look at the foundation he has laid:

  • His actions show his girls are loved and valued by him which is not so common amongst African men.
  • He supports his kids in whatever they do: one of his daughters is a DJ.
  • He is laying a foundation of generational and transitional wealth because, whether you like it or not, his work has and will continue to open doors for his children and their generations to come.

Don’t hate him and anyone who is successful. Read about how he and others built their wealth and also be re-oriented that wealth people do not owe others in the society an explanation on how they distribute their wealth just as the wealthy do not have the right to oppress those who do not have just because they are materially more endowed.

Learn a skill, refine it consistently and continually work your way up and as we say around here ‘double your hustle’ legally.

As I have often read, ‘you may not come from a wealthy family; however, let a wealthy family come from you’.


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