Opinion: Big Brother Naija: To Be Or Not To Be?

The big brother reality show had always generated controversies, especially during every season. Largely, there are two main sides in the open discussion on whether this reality entertainment show should be banned or not.

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On one side of the divide are those who believe that the program is retrogressive to our African culture and cultural heritage of chastity as it seems to not only promote but also reward nudity and promiscuity. Still on this divide are those who say that the program gives more engagement to youths who should be focusing on the lopsided political scene of the country. In our election year of 2019, there were 84million registered voters and 240 million people voted throughout BBNaija show.

On the flip side are those who strongly advocate for the program stating the publicity it creates for different talents to showcase their gifts to millions of viewers as it also generates revenue for the sponsors and the many employees and vendors who get their sources of livelihood from the show. Most important, the voting, collation and eviction processes gives voters a sense of respect, what the electoral process in the country has probably never given to them when they vote in the general elections. This is so because voters trust their votes would have meaning in either keeping or evicting a housemate.

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A few arguments against antagonists of the show:

An individual has to either have a DSTV Decoder to subscribe or buy data to watch the show: in either ways, both come at a personal financial cost to interested individuals.

Then after subscription or data purchase, the free moral agent exercises his/her power of choice, allocating time, energy and resources to watch that particular show amongst all others.

It promotes nudity and rewards promiscuity which is not in our culture, some argue, but embezzlement of public funds and leaders’ public fights are also not in our culture but check out the fist fight that goes on in some state’s house of assembly: Kaduna house of Assembly of recent.

A few arguments against its advocates:

BBNaija contribute no real value to deep fundamental issues such as morality, intellectual and rigorous hard work backed by strong sense of self control. In a house were some of the issues that formed the essence of modern society was flunked, it returned its viewers, in an unconscious state, to the beginning of civil society.

On both deep and surface analysis, the show promote the Machiavellian theory of the end justifies the means. The end: money, means: whatever can be done to win the prize money which includes creative activities, good acting and things devoid of basic moral values and principles.

The reality show, which is mostly viewed by young adults, would most likely have more damaging effects on their yet concretized value system as it showcases mirages and short-lived damaging vices as attractive, rewarding and inconsequential.

Free moral agents have the power to choose and taking away that power would be detriment to other aspects of our democratic existence but also, everyone has a right to express themselves objectively: watching that reality show is premised on the power of freedom, choice and personal preference.

The noise from both sides of the divide is dying down now because it has just been concluded but I know that debate would start again, when the next season comes on.


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