Trump Makes False Statement About Election Day Ballot Counts

U.S Election Trump
U.S Election Trump

Joe Biden’s campaign heads south on Tuesday, October 27, with the former vice president stumping in Georgia as his former boss, President Barack Obama, accused President Donald Trump of whining at an Orlando, Florida, rally.

With exactly one week until Election Day Nov. 3. Trump has been on a Rust Belt swing as of late, with a focus on Pennsylvania, where Biden also visited yesterday. Trump campaigns in Michigan and Wisconsin today before heading to Nebraska.

Sen. Kamala Harris campaigns in Reno, Nevada, and Las Vegas Tuesday while Vice President Mike Pence gives speeches in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Trump and Republicans completed their sprint to get Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court before Election Day. Barrett was confirmed in a narrow Senate vote Monday evening and then sworn in shortly after at the White House by Justice Clarence Thomas. She’ll take the judicial oath on Tuesday, allowing her to begin work on the court.

Trump claims the law requires a ‘winner’ on Election Day, which is not true
As part of his political war against mail-in voting, President Donald Trump suggested Tuesday the law requires naming a “winner” on Election Night, and forbids states from counting ballots for days and weeks afterward, but that is simply not the case.

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