“This isn’t a game” – Michelle Obama to Trump

Former US First Lady, Michelle Obama

NOVEMBER 17, 2020

The former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama on Monday evening took aim at President Donald Trump for his refusal to concede after losing the Nov. 3, presidential election.

In an Instagram post, the former First Lady said the love of country required everyone to respect election results even when unfavourable.

She wrote: “The presidency doesn’t belong to anyone individual or any one party.

“To pretend that it does, to play along with these groundless conspiracy theories, whether for personal or political gain, is to put our country’s health and security in danger.

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“This isn’t a game.

“So I want to urge all Americans, especially our nation’s leaders, regardless of party, to honour the electoral process and do your part to encourage a smooth transition of power, just as sitting presidents have done throughout our history.”

NAN reports that the former First Lady recalled her struggle after Trump defeated Hillary Clinton “by a far closer margin” in the 2016 presidential election.

Mrs Obama said although she and her husband were hurt and disappointed, they listened to the voice of the people and immediately set the transition ball rolling.

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