Opinion: Women and Our Weight Loss Resolution

People make resolutions at the beginning of the New Year, a definitive start to the achievement of a desired result. For most women, it is the time to begin a weight loss and diet program.

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As we get older, especially after having kids, we desire to have physical looks that we are happy with so as to be attractive to ourselves and have clothes fit better. As women we want to look alluring and boost of a physical appearance that others admire but most struggle with losing the acquired weights of years.

Women must know that paramount to losing weight is the foods we put into our mouth which a lot of people are ill-informed about. Some Infomercials and celebrities are also not helping as they sometimes roll out half-truths with the promise of a certain drug, pill, tea or meal plan guaranteeing weight loss in a short time which may be detrimental to the overall health of the women who follow these plans.

No one can lose weight in a healthy way (apart from surgery) without knowing the proper foods to eat and exercising regularly. Regular exercise cannot be avoided and it has a lot of benefits. For one, regular exercise reduces the risk of diseases as it helps to lower blood pressure and improve overall body health. It is also known to keep ones mental health balanced and help sharpen focus too. Regular exercises also help in building resilience and discipline as the diligence applied in regular workouts can be directed to other areas of life.

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There is no quick fix to the issue of weight loss, no diet that can reverse the accumulation of fat of over several years in few hours or days. lt took time to acquire the fat gain, it would also take time to lose it, the right way.

What are the right ways of losing weight without causing damage to your health?

  • Reduce foods that your body has little or no need of.
  • Reduce carbonated drinks and do more of water.
  • Exercise regularly and be more active in your daily activities.
  • Be conscious of the snacks you take in, after your meals.

Most essential, visit a certified nutritionist and dietician and a fitness instructor to guide in the proper ways to shed off excess weight in healthy manner.

Eating right to lose weight and exercising regularly to be healthy are achievable, if the correct knowledge is known and applied and the individual willing and ready to make the necessary sacrifices for that desired body.

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