Forbes Insists Jeff Bezos Is The Richest Not Elon Musk

In spite of the increase in his net worth over the last few months—and a Bloomberg report on Wednesday that says he’s the richest person in the world today— Elon Musk is still the second richest person in the world, as estimated by Forbes.

The discrepancy between the Bloomberg and Forbes rankings is how the fortunes of billionaires are assessed.

Musk holds 21 per cent of Tesla, but more than half of that equity is security for personal loans.

Therefore, Forbes applies a 25% discount to this equity, EKO HOT BLOG gathered.
Moreover, Musk has already complied with the acceptance requirements of a fourth batch of Tesla shares, but the company has yet to certify this in its financial statements.
Consequently , Forbes does not take account of that lot, which today is worth about US $ 4,1 billion, as part of the executive’s equity.

Lastly, the magazine discounts 10% of the net value linked to SpaceX as it is a private company, which means, it does deal in shares on the stock exchange.







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